13 May 2015


I once asked an old man with scraggly gray hair, beard, and a cheery squint "How do you know if…

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02 Dec 2013

Clear Touch

Out of the grasp of deaths violent clutch What of the good if time's not much Enfolded by the feeling…

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17 Jun 2010

A True Friend

Like a song sung in the rain in a lost forest where no one hears Like a broken record that…

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25 Feb 2010

A Dream

Deep in the night my soul was caught up into a drama larger than life and I found myself at…

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07 Aug 2009

Muddy Preacher

So this is it, this drama, this stage, this glory, this rage! Come get your love on and get hyped…

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20 Feb 2009


Deliverance is like a owl perched beneath a moonlit sky Far above the hindrance of time and gravity below A…

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15 Apr 2008

I Chose You

I stood afar off empty, calloused, obsessed with the wretch of my self Uncultured, unrefined, untaught, unenlightened. And One came…

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05 Aug 2005

God is God

I saw Satan fall like lightning My heart though weak, was hedged in Resistance is futile, that is the vanity…

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