July 2, 2007 Matthew

Brother Andrew Interview

Recently an Interview was conducted through Christianity Today with Brother Andrew on the Muslim World. He has a powerful wakeup-call for all of us. I should also note that, if you pay attention, you can also see how there is a line throughout the interview that is evidence to the increasing separation of what is known as “the divide between the West and Islam”. This separation is a product of worldliness, and as Christians our work of faith is to show mercy and not to join in such separations. Christianity has taken on a completely off-base view for most of the Muslim world. It can be said that it’s partly due to the teachings of many Imams and Sheiks, but it is obviously caused the most by how ‘Christianity’ itself has behaved.

When you “play the whore”, you are considered a whore, and therefore it would be silly to think something is wrong with them (whoever them may include) for they way they view us.

Read the Interview here: ‘Have you prayed for bin Laden lately?’


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