Piper: Manhood and womanhood are glorious personal realities”

John gives a great talk on how we should respond to the anti-Christian agendas oppressing Christians today.

Christians losing jobs for their beliefs is becoming a reality we have to face whether we like it or not. And it's on account of this point that Christians will be forced to unite to help one another more than ever. I am actually looking forward to that.


The Captivity of Elizabeth Hanson: A Quaker Kidnapped by Native Americans in 1725 by Samuel Bownas, Elizabeth Hanson ★★★★★

This 33-page story is an an amazing, radical testimony of a 18th century woman wholly devoted to God who was kidnapped along with six of her children by Indians. Two of her children, one only six years old, were bludgeoned to death during the raid of her home in Dover, New Hampshire.

This is a story not to be missed. In fact, I think this is crucial reading.

As a Quaker Christian, Elizabeth Hanson carried a compassionate attitude and a peaceable, non-hostile submissiveness during her ordeal that is truly mystifying to our modern way of thinking. That’s why it’s buried literature and feminists don’t want us reading this stuff.

During her entire captivity—with the ill and abusive treatment toward her and her children through starving, beating, and excessive over-landing with an infant who was only 14 days old at the time—she maintained her composure and obedient attitude without fail. To be able to remain peaceable through such unbelievable hardships as she had to endure—watching her children get killed with a hatchet and scalped, listening to her master constantly threaten to kill her other children while beating them severely, and her infant under threat of being cooked and eaten if it thrived and fattened up (since it was starved and bony from captivity)—is unquestionably a rock solid testimony of faith.

That faith made the story what it is. The sense that she knew that God was protecting her during many close calls with death at her captors hands was actually shared by her captor himself. The fact that her newborn 14-day old baby survived the 26 days of brutal overland trekking and the subsequent five months in captivity in Canada through winter was not only a miracle that Elizabeth believed was God’s doing but was also believed to be miraculous by her captor as well. It actually caused her captor to accuse her baby of being “a devil”.

This is actually a good glimpse into what Indian men were like. They were like all men. While her male captors were constantly on an unpredictable roller coaster of emotional instability beating and raging against her and her children when they failed in hunts and went hungry (reminds us of so many men out there of all races and people, doesn’t it?) suffering from overt superiority complex stubbornness syndrome, the Indian women were completely the opposite. They often showed compassion toward Elizabeth and her children. While we know that the Indians had civility as Benjamin Franklin pointed out—they were still unrighteous because all men are inclined to harming unless/until surrendered to Christ.

This is also a good look into the early Christian testimonies of the suffering and trials of being an American pioneer in a new land. That modern elites and feminists call these Indian Captivity Narratives “political propaganda” is laughable and completely inane. Feminists dislike them greatly because they were, and are, important pieces of American literature written by Christian women during the founding of America. For them women were not supposed to be free to write and publish books in the 17th century; they were supposed to be oppressed without any rights to do what they wanted and unhappy. These narratives show nothing of such unhappiness or oppression with their way of life. That’s why they tell us it’s propaganda.

The way modern feminists criticize this genre of American literature reminds me of how we criticize North Korean propaganda when they stage things to make it appear to us that they are doing just fine. When that kind of accusation is made against early America I find that very suspicious. To think that these women writers of America’s early history are actually being accused of being “stupid” at best or deceptive little liars at worst is amazing. They would actually have us believe that they are not true reflections of the times and that the correct way to understand early America is to judge it through the modern liberal “light” of “gender and race”. They tell us, as though we’re incompetent children, that we need to read this stuff with a highly alert and critical attitude. Good grief. What does that tell you? It tells you should read this literature, immediately, and listen to it.

I’ve learned that this type of fear-mongering over literature actually provides me a strong clue as to what I should read. Read the stories for yourself. They are not political propaganda. These were pioneers who struggled to survive and were fortunate if they lived long lives. Elizabeth died at aged 53. The mortality rate was extraordinarily high, there wasn’t a nation or politic in place and thus no nationalism, and all they had was their families and religion—what the hell did they care about propagandizing anyone?

Women did not feel oppressed by their culture in America’s 17th century. Their understanding of themselves and others was not in terms of gender and race because as an issue it didn’t exist. They judged on a spectrum of Savagery vs. Civility, civility being the whole point of reference as savagery was by definition the absence of civility. Benjamin Franklin was the one who argued that Indians did display some civility even if many of them scalped and killed children. Even for him, in defense of Indians, it was the spectrum of savagery vs. civility. He never made a point of people needing to stop judging Indians by their color or race. The Quakers, Puritans, and others weren’t that dimwitted. No one in those times ever brought up issues of gender or race. The spectrum of civility was based on morality and that morality had an objective basis: The Bible. When you remove the Bible, morality becomes subjective. Then when you remove morality, as we have done today, the only thing left to judge people by is objective human attributes (i.e. race, colors, genders, science). Because science is impartial and subject to human emotionalism it is too often skewed or ignored because it does not always tell us what we want to hear. Jesus taught us, as did Martin Luther King, to judge by content of character: “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” John 7:24.

This is why the left and its institutions right now are living in la-la land and have no grounding in reality. Their judgments are confounded, contradictory, and lack consistency because they have zero basis.

Read the story online for free here.

Suicide in America Spikes by 24% The Highest Rate in 28 Years

I recently talked to a male friend who had attempted suicide this last winter. It never occurred to me that he would be struggling in that way as he is generally a fun and upbeat character, who loves the Lord. He had a lot going for him and then one day, everything collapsed. The ministry he was involved in, the girlfriend he had, and the place he had lived, was lost all at once.

What is it about loss that so does a man in?

I did a study into suicide rates for youths over a year ago. I learned a thing or two about suicide. In America males commit suicide four times as much as women. Over 77% of suicides are males. This is a persistent fact historically, and internationally.

Many often rebound this fact by saying, “Well the studies show women have more suicidal thoughts.” But isn’t that response only belittling the reality of men who have actually carried it out? I think so. We might as well be confessing that women’s suicidal thoughts are more important than men’s suicides. Statistics on people’s thoughts are not empirical evidence anyway and highly subjective. How do men think less about suicide but yet kill themselves four times as much?

I think it is safe to say that most of those men who commit suicide have done so not only because they have tried and felt they failed in life but also because they lost what they felt was too much. What is “too much”? Well, any man ready to shoot himself will tell you…


In April 2016 the New York Times reported about the 30 year high. The suicide rate of men and women aged 45-64 had a sharp increase. This is the Baby Boomer/Hippie generation. Obviously their philosophies in the 60s and 70s didn’t hold their salt and now they are more miserable than previous generations. The super-smart researchers tell us that they discovered that it has to do with money. Talk about a banal conclusion. That certainly wasn’t the reason for my friend’s suicide attempt. He was fine with the job and finances.

Also of particular note is the sharp increase in suicide among women. The rate for girls aged 10-14 tripled. American Indian female’s suicide rate rose 89 percent. White middle-aged women had an increase of 80 percent. Feminism is failing. “Female-empowering” media and movies like Frozen aren’t working. These statistics tell the true story of American life. If they didn’t the government wouldn’t be spending hundreds of millions of dollars to obtain them.

A spike in suicide rates among white middle-aged women in the last decade is particularly interesting. These women are the pioneers (or guinea pigs) of the feminist movement. Scores of young women in the 60s and 70s jumped on the bandwagon of “liberation” thinking that they were headed for something great and noble. Now that they have reached middle-age (45-64) they have become more suicidal.

I make a big deal of suicide rates because there are few better indicators of health for any given society.  Blaming suicide on money or jobs is almost dubious. If that’s really the reason how is that Kenya’s suicide rate is 6 per 100,000 while America’s is 14 per 100,000? Kenya’s unemployment rate is 80%. People there have nothing. During my time spent there, I remember watching a pastor praise God to his church for being given a cell phone. It was as significant to him and his congregation as a pastor in America to be given a house. Meanwhile Kenyans sing and dance. Everywhere. Even in the infamous Kibera slums, the kids play happily. No one’s sulking in the corner thinking suicidal thoughts. Not even the boys who live on the streets inhaling glue day in and day out. Why? Perhaps it’s because at the end of the day they have each other.

When the culture gives birth to movies like Frozen, glorifying and selling the idea of a young woman being alone in a cold, dark prison of ice, should we be surprised if the suicide rate among women is rapidly increasing? Again, the rate for girls aged 10-14 tripled.  Where is all that pressure and insecurity coming from at so early an age?

Aloneness is exactly where Satan wants his victims to be. Jesus was not confronted by Satan until he was alone in the wilderness. It is no place for any human, ever (alone-time notwithstanding).

Robin Williams, who committed suicide, sheds more light on the issue by saying, “I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.”

“Transgender man gives birth to baby boy in Oregon”

A transgender man has given born to a baby boy in the US.  Trystan Reese, from Portland, Oregon, was born female but started taking hormones almost a decade ago.  He stopped when he got pregnant and has now given birth to a son, Leo.

Source: Transgender man gives birth to baby boy in Oregon | The Independent

This article is a perfect example of the absolute confusion and illogic into which Western society is heaving itself. Perhaps it’s intended to be confusing.  The headline quip makes it sound like something extraordinary just happened. And yet nothing extraordinary happened.

I’m not sure whether it is expected that we will eventually get used to this or learn how this linguistic yoga works.

“A transgender man gives birth.” Is the baby boy a “gender assignment” or is that based on biology?

“He was born female.” Are we inferring he was a girl and someone’s daughter?

“He got pregnant.” Who are you talking about?

“Birth to a son.” Is that another assignment? How do you know?

“two men having a biological child.” How does that work?

I ask these questions because they want us to. They don’t want us using the old “binary” labels (and yet they use them here.)

Are you confused yet?

As I learned English in elementary school, I would have flunked the class if I wrote something fashioned like this article with all of its incoherent mix of pronouns and confusing language. You literally have to sit there and study the news piece just to figure out what they are trying to tell you. It’s like an enigma. They could be very straight and clear about this because the story is quite simple and uninteresting but they choose not to. They want it to be confusing. The media is not reputable information for thinking people anymore. It is an emotional machine fueled by deceit.

I could care less for most of this sort of thing but that the state let these two adopt two children infuriates me. This is the current level of nefarious ineptitude in our own government (I’ve lived in Portland my whole life by the way). Portland, for all it’s wonders and beautiful green is one of the worst places for children. It sacrifices its kids to Molech and thinks nothing about their welfare and future. Its completely rank with pedophiles, sex trafficking, strip clubs, public nudity protests, and everything in between because the people love it. It has become a harbor for indecency.

The Long Road to Manhood

The Long Road to Manhood: Memoirs of a boy growing up in an anti-male culture and what it’s really like being a man in today’s culture. Newly released and available now on Amazon.

People need a dose of reality. And that’s what this book is about.

This is my own book outlining my life as a Christian-white-male in a twisted culture that has come to discriminate against them. I have no shame in pointing out that fact but firmly believe that awareness of the issues that men face today is as important for the Church as ever to both men and women. As the world continues to dig its own grave the best thing we can do is stand up in every way possible in order to see people saved. The endless stream of anti-father indoctrination (i.e. #genderbalance, #genderequity, #culturalmarxism, #maleprivilege, #intersectionality, #antipatriarchy, and on and on and on.) is a stronghold that Christians must fight against. “For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.” 2 Cor. 10:4

My story is a testimony of the total lack of any advantage, privilege, or benefit whatsoever and working through all of life’s issues with the odds completely stacked against me. This, when my category is supposed to be the “most benefited” of all in a nefarious doctrine that has come to be known as “intersectionality”.

My ability to endure is precisely due to the uncovering of truth made possible to me by the light of the truth. The truth itself (himself) is the one and only way of salvation. The truth exposes everything for exactly what it is, straight out with no fine print and no apology.

Please feel free to download the ebook on Amazon, (no print version available yet) and leave a review.

The Anti-White Male Narrative is Real

This is a real narrative that has a strong presence in both the UK and Canada. It has also been making serious headway in America. So far, it hasn’t been as prominent here as in the UK or Canada. But America will see this narrative grow and spread. MTV already showed us that it was adopting this narrative with their “2017 Resolutions for White Guys” video. The video caused such an outrage all over Youtube and garnered such a negative ratio of thumbs down to thumbs up that MTV finally removed the video. But the damage was done and, as they say, the internet never forgets. The best way to counter this sort of thing is do what Christians are supposed to do: unite. Nowhere in the world is more cohesion and oneness found between so many people with radical ethnic differences than in the Church.

The Masculine Journey: Understanding the Six Stages of Manhood by Robert Hicks ★★★★★

Robert Hicks gives us a book about the biblical roots of manhood as revealed by six key Hebrew words in the Bible for “man”: Adam, Zakar, Gibbor, Enosh, Ish, and Zaken. Hicks explains these as meaning Creational Male, Phallic Male, The Warrior, The Wounded Male, The Mature Man, and The Sage respectively. These are interpreted as life stages or seasons of a man’s life, hence the title, Masculine Journey. I found the book to be useful in my research and I recommend it. He is informed on men’s issues have read books such as Warren Farrell’s Myth of Male Power and Robert Bly’s Iron John. One is still left wanting after reading this book as it only speaks of life cycles. If I am a warrior, and God is a warrior, and the Messiah is a warrior, then how am I to war? While there isn’t much on the how’s and why’s it is still an excellent start for reflection on where you might be at in life.
Indeed, these stages and his descriptions are good predictors of what is in store for us.