April 7, 2007

“The Way of a Man is Not in Himself” – Back to Stateside

April 7, 2007

Those times of re-entry are always intriguing and can allow you to see a lot of what you never saw about your own home culture before. After 48 hours of traveling I have finally returned to relax in Oregon. There was a mishap by the travel agent which forced me to wait an extra day in Zurich and the cheap places to stay were booked full so I had to sleep in the airport. I finished a term of studies in Germany, and had hoped to do more, but it was not the Lord’s will. It was also a time for God to really reveal to me his dreadful power and majesty that can make you feel like a worm.

As for the re-entry thoughts: did you know that most Europeans consider Americans ignorant? Pretty much everyone I talked to did.

“It’s really too bad. The wastefulness, the ignorance to what’s going on around them. They have no idea. Schade, Schade(such a shame/pity)…”

I told another about my studies to which he replied, “Ah, so your one of the few Americans who knows about what going on in the world!”

I’m not so sure. Also, most Europeans who have visited America consider Americans very nice people.

“They smile and love to make chit-chat everywhere.”

Quite a contrast to Germans. I found it almost shocking that a sales person and employees in a market could get impatient with me just because I had trouble translating or counting the money. But this is the scene in Germany. Probably the coldest climate culture I have experienced. In Germany, the customer is not always right! However, there are believers there with light who are making a difference. Jesus has not left Europe, nor can Europe oust him.

Now, as I finish my studies, I will be seeking the Lord as to my next steps. The way I should go, and the thing I should do (Jer. 42.3) for the way of a man is not in himself (Jer. 10.23). I have thought of serving in Europe long-term where there is a crying need for the bible to brought back into the church or going back to the Middle East. In any case, may I ever be depending on the Lord’s power and ‘buying up’ every moment for eternity.