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The Queen of Heavens

The NT word for kingdom is basileia. This is a feminine noun. In ancient Greek this word is used for both 1) a queen 2) a kingdom The words are exactly the same. So how do we know if Jesus was speaking about a “queen” rather than a “kingdom”? Scholars have always pointed to context […]

“Olam” as “the Future”

In my many years of Hebrew study, I have often come across the sneaky practice of scholars which takes a simple objective word and interprets (more like morphs) it into a more subjective concept for the purpose of avoiding readings that seem too crazy for common sense to endure. In studying the “progress” of translations […]

“the Woman however, is glory of a man.”

This passage has always been one of the most controversial because of its appearance as a “black and white” precept. But what if it was an enigma? A dark saying? What if we paid a little closer attention to the finer details of the text rather than ignoring them? The definite articles in Paul’s writing […]

The Hebrew thought of “world”?

תֵּבֵל This word, tebel, #8398, means world. It is a highly “extended” word, i.e. a “poetic synonym of earth” (eretz). But it is hard to pinpoint just what the idea behind this is since it is always used in “poetic” prose. The root is יָבַל yabal, #2986, which means to conduct or bear along, as […]

John the Baptist vs. Elijah

The book of Job is heavy in enigma. It seems to have multiple contexts by which one could interpret. Is it poetry? Is it a historical dialog? Who speaks poetically in dialogue? Perhaps the author had in mind something even deeper? In the following passage from Job, translators have always added the word “way” which […]

The Heavens are Counting Ones

God told Abraham about Heaven. And he is causing to go out אֶת-himself the Outside-ward, and is saying, `Look, now, Heavens-ward, and count the Stars, if thou are able to record אֶת-themselves.` And he is saying to-himself, `Thus he is thy seed.` Genesis 15:5 literal The Mesapharim The Hebrew for “to count” is saphar. The […]

How agenda ruined Scripture translation – 1 Peter 3:1-7

Greek seems like a hard language, and you are sure to be put off by the complex presentation of it that inevitably happens at the higher levels of church clergy. But people have been scared away from it unnecessarily. It’s not complex. It was a real language. Real people spoke it. Hundreds of millions of […]

The Elect – Before Abraham, THEY ARE?

Jesus breaks the rules of language and tenses with the statement “before Abraham became, I am”. The verb used is not to be (#G1510) but to become (genesthai #G1096). Yahweh did this too, And Yahweh has said, `The One-Covering is myself from Father-of-Tumult which myself is he-who-makes. 18 And Father-of-Tumult to become he is to […]

A rule or a riddle? Deuteronomy 22:5

Deuteronomy 22:5 KJV says, The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth [keli]of a man [geber], neither shall a man [geber] put on a woman’s garment [simlah]: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God. We have looked at how a geber-man was a mighty man or man of valor. The […]