Twenty-eight years a Christian, Matt resides in Portland, OR where he grew up. He is a mechanic, a guide, an entrepreneur, builder, cross-cultural expert, and writer depending on the day. Passionate about the outdoors, climbing, writing, world travel, and reading a lot of books, he has been involved in ministry to men for over 15 years mentoring youth, teaching, and leading men’s groups volunteering at countless non-profits for recovering men, youth at risk, developmentally disabled, Indian youth, and refugee kids around the world. His academic studies include International Politics, Conflict Resolution, Intercultural Studies, and European History. He’s also formally studied German in Germany, and Islam and Palestinian Arabic in Jerusalem. He went on to study in Seminary until he was forced to drop out due to finances because, well, he’s not a privileged straight, white, male with money and opportunity at every turn but would have to go into enormous debt, just like everyone else. After graduating with a high GPA in International Studies and a senior capstone focused on Somali refugees, he was turned down for job interviews by every single refugee and NGO in the city, and forced to rely on his mechanic skills ever since. Born in America, by the age of 37 he had authored several books, learned to converse in six other languages, lived in Africa, Europe, the South Pacific, and the Middle East and traveled to nearly 40 countries.

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