March 2, 2018 Matthew

A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George ★★★★★

This a superior work by Elizabeth George that sits at the top of the best selling books on biblical womanhood. I was blown away to find that such a book and teaching is still circulating throughout the Church. This is not only doctrinally sound but presented in with true wisdom and gentleness. It testifies of the power of an older woman of wisdom passing on her knowledge and wisdom to the younger. As powerful and influential as this book is, I have not seen it in any Churches I’ve been to in my four decades of going to Church except for one. This is a tragedy.

It guides the woman into taking responsibility for her own life under God’s Word and recognizes that the principles taught in the Bible are nowhere by no one enforced upon her. They are words of wisdom.

Elizabeth tackles with grace how to set aside feelings when making decisions. She presents the correct view of “helpmate” and encourages wives to “be a team with him” and admonishes women to “make your husband your career”. She exegetes key words in biblical texts such as “homemaker” and “submission” correctly.

I was intrigued by how she encouraged women to “give the gift of headship” to her husband. It is her choice to submit. No one can make her–not her pastor, not her church, not her husband, not even God. Submission is to be to her husband only. She should see him as a “best friend”. I remember telling one of the first girls I dated many years ago that a husband and wife should be best friends and she disagreed. Many women (as well as men), from their wounds, distrust, and fears, have distanced themselves from the core meaning of marriage and have come to view it in a utilitarian way.

She goes on to discuss motherly affection and explores many practical ways of implementing biblical values. She mentions the Proverbs frequently and reminds us that “the wise woman builds her house”. The wife builds the home–not the masonry, or carpentry–the home.

In all seriousness, this book should be in every church. Any church that makes this book available to its women will find that there will soon be few single women. As long as the power vested in the feminine reality is concealed from our eyes, we lose. These truths will awaken the spirit and soul and create a vibrant church of spiritual joy. They will also weed out the chaff that shouldn’t be among the wheat as well.


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