A Dream

Feb. 2010

Deep in the night my soul was caught up into a drama larger than life
and I found myself at a table where peoples of diversity were gathered
Our conversation was in multiple languages and I could speak things to different people in their own languages
There was an air of respect among the people and they looked up to me because I was a leader
I then found myself caught up into a scene where I was in a wilderness of some sort and I was a leader of a community of people taking refuge or perhaps in hiding.
The night was befalling us when there was sudden alarm
Fires lit up, warnings were made, and people began to stir anxiously
Something was befalling us that we didn’t understand nor were prepared for

Out of the darkness came one enemy in the form of a vicious and evil looking tiger
It was not just an animal but a spirit of darkness
Some of us fought against it and felt as though we subdued it when its innards where disemboweled and it was squirming yet something wasn’t right
The creature, as it lay before us in the night lit up with a glowing light and though it was writhing it was not dying
As it struggled it began to change and all we could do was stand there and watch
I watched in awe and with no idea what was happening yet no thought crossed my mind of running or leaving
Finally the creature morphed and transformed into a great spiritual demon that literally engulfed the sky and brought fear to many people
there were so many colors and lights and supernatural magic that filled the sky that the scene ceased to represent anything of reality, or at least of reality as I had known it
But while this was happening another significant thing was happening at the same time…
I found myself being built up in faith and being transformed also. It was a faith that was increasing in me yet not from me. It held me up, and continued to lift me higher and higher
Until I myself was transformed into a spiritual power that began fill the sky as well–to meet the creature on his own terms. A battle of the heavenlies begun and I was in it.
Magic was everywhere and I could see the demon changing and gnarling and casting out its flames of fury and throwing it winds of hell all around me as if it was trying to prove itself to me. It put on a mighty show yet never touched me.
With every escalating show of power I was somehow able to return an even more powerful display of force.
The very grounds of creation and nature were changed and controlled by this beast yet I could do more than it could. I was more powerful. It would uproot trees, but I could uproot forests. It would send forth winds that looked like fire, but I could send forth greater winds that would wrap his own and drown them out. It was a test of magic powers to see who had the greatest. The battle was not about the magic or the power however. His prerogative was clear.
He wanted to cast fear over my being and make me cower and flee, yet I would not. Every attempt of his was in vain. He would surround me and flash his wrath but I somehow would return the favor with a flash of glory that was not from me. I was lifted up and held up and given more power than I understood. It was more than I ever knew I was capable of. I proved to this demon that I could not and would not be overpowered. The battle was great yet no harm had befallen me or the people, and I was not afraid. So it was that the demon was defeated and left me. It was a confrontation of epic proportions yet little more than a show. As fierce as he made himself to look, he could do nothing and did nothing to us.
And so the dream ended.