June 9, 2017 Matt Pennock

5 Reasons Why I Quit Facebook

1. Facebook has become captive to leftist agendas. Yes it’s true, the company is biased and the platform is biased. This reason is enough alone. Have a look at this video: https://youtu.be/zbRUeUi8Lns . The internet powers have grown to the point where they realize, or at least think, that they can influence the direction of society (a.k.a. social engineering) and cultivate a connected world.  It’s almost inevitable. If you had control of the profiles of more than one billion people on the planet, would you not be at least a little bit inclined to want to influence the world in some way? Of course you would. Humans, by nature, are creatures of incredible bias. That bias is either a good bias or a twisted bias. If there is one thing that facebook has proven to the world, it is that everyone is biased.

2. The great irony is, the more “connected” we have become the more divided we have become. Interesting. I first started using the platform sometime around 2007 when it had only 15 million people and most were students because it was previously designed for the collegiate universe. Since then it has turned into what they rightly call an “echo chamber” where people have fallen into an isolated social hole because they have allowed their connection with the outside world to come primarily through it or hinge on their own circle of “friends”. You have the ability to block those who you don’t want to hear at the push of a button.

3. It is the most coward-cultivating invention in the history of the world to date. Mark Zuckerberg did an impressive thing in his own right. But so did Oppenheimer and his team in developing the atomic bomb. Two arbitrary things that are totally meaningless and useless in themselves until the most important (and most deadly) ingredient is added—human decision. Human decision here is worse than the uranium 235 atoms being split. Far worse. For the first time in history people can attack others without recourse. They can spit out their worst, most vitriolic words and no one can touch them. And so they do. And why not, they are protected by distance, and lots of it. Cowards love distance, and it’s only when they are far enough away that they will speak up about anything.  Forget facebook to facebook contact, we need face to face contact! Consider how Jesus spoke to the people when the writers say, “But he looked directly at them and said…” (Luk. 20:17) Direct and straight looks are the best way to connect to another man because it communicates strength. This unmerited power of voice has corrupted the platform and turned it into a cesspool.

4. Because just about everyone is on it, Facebook is the most power of voice that most individuals will ever have in their lives. It’s like having your own congregation and followers—or so you think. The problem is that they aren’t followers and they don’t want to listen to you rant or preach. Followers are earned through courage and real face to face contact. One thinks they gain a “follower” with a new connection when they reality is the other party thinks just the same.

5. Your family doesn’t belong on the internet. Stop sharing it with the public. Let them be for yourself, and not for strangers.

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