what is, has been already.

What is he who HAS BEEN? He who IS. And what is he who has been made? He who is being made. And nothing of the whole is new under the sun. Ecc. 1:9 YLT

And HE HAS BEEN in my gathering a cloud upon the earth, and the bow is being seen in the cloud, and I have remembered My covenant which is between Me and between you, and between the whole of the soul of the Life, in the whole of flesh, and HE IS not again the Waters to deluge to destroy the whole flesh; and SHE HAS BEEN the bow in the cloud, and I have seen her—to remember the covenant age-during between God and between the whole of the soul of Life in the whole of flesh which is upon the Earth.` Genesis 9:14-16 YLT literal

The appearance of the brilliant light all around Him was like that of a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day. Ezekiel 1:28

A cloud will cover her, and her daughters will go into captivity. Ezekiel 30:18

And HE IS in the going out of the Priests from the Holy, and the Cloud has filled the house of Yahweh, and the Priests have not been able to stand to minister from the face of the Cloud, for the glory of Yahweh has filled the house. Then Solomon has said, “Yahweh has said to dwell in the Gloom." 1 Kings 8:10-12 YLT literal

“And he said also to the multitudes, ‘When ye may see the cloud rising from the west..." Luke 12:54 YLT

2019 Bible Re-translation of Young’s Literal Translation + Full Prophetic Commentary

The most literal and authentic translation ever done in the English language.

English translations of the Hebrew Scriptures are heavily biased ‘hack jobs’ based on theories, denominational bias, euphony, and long held orthodoxies that were prioritized over concrete meanings. Man failed to believe in the ainigma of the Scriptures and instead presumed to conjure “senses”, “dynamic equivalencies”, and “euphonic lullabies”  to appease the masses (who never ended up reading the Book anyway). It was more important for people to have the hippest translation in duo-tone leather with their name printed in gold, than to actually learn its mysteries. Hell, they were told there were no mysteries anymore!

This is my complete re-translation (on-going, see latest version in PDF) based on the 1862 Young’s Literal Translation. Robert Young paved the way over 150 years ago by seeking to restore the complete/incomplete verb “tenses” of Hebrew. The word shalom (peace) itself means complete. This work seeks to unearth all the long hidden truths, words, definitions, and prophetic meanings in the Hebrew Scriptures with zero doctrinal bias. It goes beyond what has ever been done by restoring consistency to important words (rather than translating the same word in many different ways), and ones you thought weren’t important, by translating the pronouns and words relating to gender and sex concretely (did you know Eve and Sarah were referred to as a “he”?), and by making full use of computer research and cross-referencing tools that were previously unavailable to translators of all translations done up to the 21st Century. Strong’s numbers are provided for the reader’s benefit. It is formatted as a PDF that can be printed for a 3 ring binder. Is it not copyrighted, please distribute freely.

I will keep translating and building the commentary regardless, but one may extend a right hand of fellowship if they desire, and I will extend it back:

Instructions to the Elect for (End Time) Marriage

The legal system is broken and biased. The lofty cultural colors, aim, and honor marriage once provided has degraded into a mere business transaction to protect assets. The fact is, civil marriage is destroying far more people’s lives, young and old, than it is bringing joy. The Church is corrupt. The blind lead the blind. Here is the Gospel you were never told. The secrets were sealed away until now, the truth was suppressed. There is bad news for the last generation, yet very good news for the Elect of the last generation. Imagine that the Elect were a chosen people specific to the last generation, yet not from it, and that everything you’ve ever heard about it were just theories. Try figuring this one out:

“And if the Lord had not mutilated those days, the whole flesh would not have been rescued; but on account of the chosen, whom He chose, He mutilated the days.” Mark 13:20 literal

Mapping the History and Rise of Feminism and Marxism in the West Infographic

This is an infographic, put together over the years that maps out the rise of Feminism and Marxism in the West to its present day crusade of social “justice”.

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about biblical manhood or womanhood, be it in Christian ministry, the books, the internet, etc.

These are not paradigms to be “rediscovered” or “fixed”. They are new designs to be conformed to altogether, foreshadowed by Abraham the patriarch and Sarah. The true Man and Woman have not yet been revealed. They are more man and more woman than you can fathom. They are coming. No eye has seen what they will be. The great day will reveal them in a moment (Isa. 66) when they breach the Heavens with Christ himself.


Matt has been writing since 2002.

He grew up in two dysfunctional families, biological and spiritual. Today’s church is a brutal place for men. People are lovers of self, reckless, and dishonorable to their Parents. Matt sat his entire youth through church unseen. He wasn’t “supposed” to make it. Like many others boys in his circumstance, he could have just flipped God and the world off. Instead, he learned Biblical Hebrew and Greek on his own.

As the Church suppresses more and more of the truth and society grows in its trickery against the women and its tyranny against the boys, the stage is being set for the last great awakening indeed: one of blood, a deluge of wickedness, and God’s vengeance on a wicked and perverse generation of the Church.

To date, Matt has been around the world a dozen times, nearly 40 countries. He left the herds and works for free in mechanics and carpentry so he can spend all day, every day, studying the Scriptures. He is currently re-translating the Law and Prophets using the Young’s Literal Translation to restore the inherit gender, objectivity, and enigmas of God’s Living Word that have been long hidden. He is also including an extensive collection of notes and commentary on Hebrew definitions and end-time revelation inherit in God’s enigmatic stories.

His whereabouts in the world are unknown. But you may say hello: matt@thetrueman.org

Matt in Ephesus in 2002 when he started writing.