Be strong and show yourself a man. 1 Kings 2:2


Scripture says a man fights. Neh. 4:14 / 2 Tim. 4:7 / Eph. 6:11-12
It also says he was made in the image of a Builder. Gen. 1:1
For a the image and glory of God..." 1 Cor. 11:7. When was the last time you heard anyone say something like that? For many of us, we’ve grown up in a world that has told us that ‘manhood’ is nothing more than a social construction of selfish men and bad for society. This is a distortion of the truth that it is sin that's bad for manhood. The "sensitive male" paradigms haven't worked. They're stuck in adolescence. They're desperate. They're angry. They're suicidal. They feel like their own world simply doesn’t care about them anymore and now they're worse than they've ever been. Is there hope?
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                            The True Man

Obesity costs $1.5 Trillion per Decade in Healthcare costs

Perusing over some data from I discovered that obesity costs Americans $150 billion annually. That adds up to $1.5 trillion dollars every ten years. Meanwhile $65 billion is spent on soda and $105 ...
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Why NCFM, VFM, and other Men’s Rights Movements are Dead Wrong

I think there is a reason why many of these "Men's Rights Movements" and groups never seem to get anywhere influentially and always seem to be sulky environments that remind me of dank caves ...
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The Nashville Statement

With the Nashville Statement the Church is finally taking a stand. In my decade of research into all this, what I have found is that the culture of nihilism (birthed some 80 years ago ...
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Testimony of Former White Supremacist Skin Head Gives Life to Jesus

"Brian came from a broken family..." You hear it again and again and again. Every single time. ...
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Piper: “Manhood and womanhood are glorious personal realities”

John gives a great talk on how we should respond to the anti-Christian agendas oppressing Christians today. Christians losing jobs for their beliefs is becoming a reality we have to face whether we like ...
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The Captivity of Elizabeth Hanson: A Quaker Kidnapped by Native Americans in 1725 by Samuel Bownas, Elizabeth Hanson ★★★★★

This 33-page story is an an amazing, radical testimony of a 18th century woman wholly devoted to God who was kidnapped along with six of her children by Indians. Two of her children, one ...
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  • @benshapiro Men have been doing this since Genesis. And men have been protecting/ avenging for this since Genesis.…

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  • Stand firm and hold fast. 2 Thes. 2:15

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  • Portland still remains one of the worst cities in the US for human trafficking. What are our leaders doing about it?

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Gentle: The True Woman

The apostle Peter taught women about "the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious." What does God mean by that?

Scripture says a woman mothers children.  Gen. 3:20 / 1 Cor. 11:11-12 / 1 Tim. 2:15

This is why gentleness is so crucial. Gentleness doesn’t infer an absence of strength any more than the call to men to be strong infers an absence of meekness. These two simple words to men and women are the entry points by which men and women embark on the great mystery and wonder that is manhood and womanhood. Obedience is key because neither come naturally to us in our fallen state, and neither are fully comprehensible for they are rooted in eternity and God himself. Like all of God’s creation they are meant to invoke wonder and awe. By calling men to strength, a man’s soul will be enlivened, fortified, and built up in a holy joy. By calling women to gentleness a women’s soul will be enlivened, brightened, and made dazzling with an imperishable beauty.

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Twenty-eight years a Christian, Matt resides in Portland, OR where he grew up. He is a mechanic, a guide, an entrepreneur, builder, cross-cultural expert, and writer depending on the day. Passionate about the outdoors, climbing, writing, world travel, and reading a lot of books, he has been involved in ministry to men for over 15 years mentoring youth, teaching, and leading men’s groups volunteering at Portland Rescue Mission, the Harbor, Native American youth camp in Central Oregon, the Port City woodshop for developmentally disabled adults, and even on the street corners of the infamous 82nd Avenue listening to stories from people from all walks of life. His academic studies include International Politics, Conflict Resolution, Intercultural Studies, and European History. He’s also formally studied German in Germany, and Islam and Palestinian Arabic in Jerusalem. He went on to study in Seminary until his bank broke. Education’s not cheap. Born in America, by the age of 37 he had authored several books, volunteered in ministries and non-profits around the world, learned to converse in six other languages, lived in Africa, Europe, the South Pacific, and the Middle East and traveled to nearly 40 countries.

Read his personal story, The Long Road to Manhood.