Return, Ephraim

My people inquire at their tree and their stick informs him. For a spirit of fornication has led them astray, and they have fornicated from under their God.
Hosea 4:12

Justice vs. #BelieveWomen

They are screaming at me to #believewomen now. Ok. Which ones? Here now is the outcome.  In a matter of a single generation we went from "women's rights" to "equality for women" to "extra privileges and benefits for women to level the playing field" to "#metoo women are all victims" to "#believewomen" The reality of what's happening should be pretty clear. And it's not a women vs. men thing. This trend is not about women, and never was. She saw that it was appetizing, appealing, and something to make one wise, and boy was she wrong. It's not about men ...
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Is the LORD a man?

It is necessary to follow up to the last post regarding Numbers 23:19 which says God is not a man (Heb. ish) because while God is not a man, the Son of God is. Numbers 23:19 speaks of God as "El" which is short for "Elohim" in Hebrew. It does not use the name "Yahweh" which is often translated the LORD. Why is this distinction important? For two reasons. First, in Exodus 15:3 the literal Hebrew says, "The LORD[Heb. Yahweh] is a man[Heb. ish] of war; the LORD[Yahweh] is his name." Secondly, the Son of God is a man. But ...
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Is God a man? When a Ph.D in Hebrew Bible Teaches Crap

The Mormon church is something of an earthly paradise for the male. They own an incredible amount of land and assets, around 1 million acres of farmland, an insurance and financial services company worth $3 billion, and an internal welfare system. By telling their women, in so many words, that the patriarchal exclusivity afforded men in the LDS church is because "women are more spiritual" they successfully get women to submit to their program. It is oppression by seduction. There is no greater tool against the woman than seduction. Cults of all shapes and sizes from Marxism to "Women's Liberation" ...
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Begun in 2008 by a simple word from God, The True Man is dedicated to serving the Church by unfolding the Holy Word and seeking the wisdom, the depths, and the riches of the heavenly images of the sons of God and daughters of Jerusalem to restore the Church back to the promises spoken of in ages past. The congregation of the firstborn has wandered after riches, forgotten its Maker, and gave in to a spirit of fornication. These last days were spoken of by all the prophets. Judgement is coming, and it begins in the House of the Lord.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”
Isaiah 55:8-9

“A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.”
Deuteronomy 22:5

“the word of the Lord is to them an object of scorn; they take no pleasure in it.”
Jeremiah 6:10b



Matthew has been writing since 2002.

He grew up in Portland, OR in a broken, dysfunctional family. Today’s world is a brutal place for men. People are lovers of self, reckless, and dishonorable to their parents. Matt sat his entire youth through church unseen. He wasn’t supposed to make it. Like most others boys in his circumstance, he should have joined gangs, abused substances, used women, cursed the world around him, deemed himself entitled, and detested God. Instead, at age 10 he prayed for salvation.

As the Church suppresses more and more of the truth and society grows in its trickery against the women and its tyranny against the boys, the young men, and the old men, pushing more and more of them over the edge to their own destruction and the destruction of the land, God has led Matt to set his face like emery harder than flint and take a stand. This call was impossible to live up to in his paralyzed state so God put him through a spiritual version of a Navy SEAL hell-week in which he was dropped into the Valley of Death and left alone where he wouldn’t see the light of day, know the pleasures of life, enjoy companionship, or feel anything other than pain for the next decade (see Job 33:19-30). He would experience the most extreme physical pain (kidney stones) and soul pain bestowed on man. He would never win gainful employment, marry, have kids, or own anything of value. He’d sleep on garage floors and be homeless with no choice. Even when evangelizing in the sub-Sahara or smuggling Bibles in mainland China, God would have him do it literally on a few dollars a day and rice and sometimes, nothing. Christian men have forgotten that God wants to make soldiers out of men, not self-entitled, pampered whiners (Matt. 8:9-10, 2 Tim. 2:3). Brothers, pain is only temporary.

To date, Matt has been around the world a dozen times, nearly 40 countries, paid for his own education in college and seminary, learned to read the Scriptures in Greek and Hebrew on his own, and authored two works on biblical manhood and womanhood consisting of over 700 pages, 222,000 words, sourcing hundreds of articles and books, and thousands of hours of research and writing over ten years–the equivalent of two PhD dissertations–each with no funding, no commissioning, and no publishing contracts. Because the only approval and help you need to do such things is God’s.

Matt in Ephesus in 2002 when he started writing.




Read his personal story, The Long Road to Manhood.