Biblical texts through zero bias

2020 Full Literal Translation (FLT) of Genesis + Commentary

Ever wondered what it would be like to read the Hebrew books as a primitive tribal herdsman? Or the Greek texts as a 1st-century Athenian?

Translation tradition has always centered around “modernizing” or “contextualizing” the texts. What is it about them that this has become such a long-enduring, unquestioned practice? What are they hiding?

English translations of the Hebrew Scriptures have always been heavily biased guesswork based on conjectures, denominational bias, euphony, and long held orthodoxies where traditions were prioritized over concrete, primitive meanings. Man failed to see the ainigma of the Writing (that it is intentionally obscure) and instead presumed to conjure “senses”, “dynamic equivalencies”, “euphonic lullabies” “poetical paraphrasing” and “tropical” definitions to appease the masses and maintain the status quo. The consequence was that primitive writings by tribal people were made to read like modern philosophy out of academia.

This work seeks to unearth all the long hidden meanings, words, markups, and definitions in the Hebrew Scriptures with no religious bias. It goes beyond what has ever been done by restoring the primitive nature and consistency to words (rather than translating the same word in many different ways), translating pronouns and words relating to gender and sex objectively (did you know Eve, Sarah, and Rachel were referred to as both a “she” and “he”?), and by making full use of computer research and cross-referencing tools that were previously unavailable to translators of all translations done up to the 21st Century. Strong’s numbers are provided for the reader’s benefit. It is formatted as a PDF that can be printed for a 3 ring binder. Is it not copyrighted, please share freely.

John 1 – Fully Literal Translation + Commentary

This is the most literal, concrete translation of John 1 with full commentary. Most might know that John wrote in an enigmatic or obscure way. He is the author of Revelation, after all. In the original Greek, his language is even more obscure and bizarre.

The NT is full of strange language. Try figuring this one out:

“And if the Master had not mutilated[cut-off/clipped/circumcised] those days, the whole flesh would not have been saved; but on account of the chosen ones, whom he chose, he mutilated[cut-off/clipped/circumcised] the days.” Mark 13:20 full literal

Mapping the Rise of Misandry and Marxism in the West

An infographic built over many years of research.


Matt has been studying the ancient Hebrew language for 20 years. He has studied ten languages so far including Classical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, modern Hebrew, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Kiswahili, German, English, and Polish.


Matt in Ephesus, 2002